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We discuss the production of photon pairs in hadronic collisions, from fixed target to LHC energies. The study which follows is based on a QCD calculation at full next-to-leading order accuracy, including single and double fragmentation contributions, and implemented in the form of a general purpose computer program of “partonic event generator” type. To(More)
We consider one-loop scalar and tensor integrals with an arbitrary number of external legs relevant for multi-parton processes in massless theories. We present a procedure to reduce Npoint scalar functions with generic 4-dimensional external momenta to box integrals in (4− 2ǫ) dimensions. We derive a formula valid for arbitrary N and give an explicit(More)
We calculate the order O(α2α3 s ) interference effect between the gluon fusion and weak boson fusion processes allowed at the one-loop level in Higgs boson plus 2 jet production at the LHC. The corresponding one-loop amplitudes, which have not been considered in the literature so far, are evaluated analytically using dimensional regularisation and the(More)