T. Berger

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Collection and organization of data in Clinical Trials requires a sophisticated information management system. An ideal System should be easy accessible over web-technology and should provide high security of data. When deciding for a solution meanwhile even mid-and big-sized companies also evaluate Open-Source Platforms against pure Commercial Solutions as(More)
This paper presents a complete 90nm CMOS technology platform dedicated to advanced SoC manufacturing, featuring 16 (27-70nm transistors (standard process) or 21-90nm transistors (Low Power process) as well as 2.5 or 3.3V I/O transistors, copper interconnects and SiOC low-k IMD (k=2.9). The main critical process steps are described and electrical results are(More)
Designing rotorcraft flight control systems to meet the handling qualities and stability margin requirements of Aeronautical Design Standard-33 (ADS-33E-PRF) and MIL-DTL-9490E ensures low-pilot workload, increased mission effectiveness and improved safety of operations in all weather and visibility conditions. The numerous requirements compete with one(More)
This paper presents the development and piloted assessment of a full flight-envelope simulation model of a light business jet using a model stitching architecture. Individual state-space models and trim data for discrete flight conditions were combined to produce a continuous simulation model, which was integrated into a fixed-base simulation facility.(More)
For operations of the pituitary glands, the most subtle method is an intervention through the paranasal and especially through the sphenoid sinus. To avoid dangerous interference with adjacent organs and nerves, the surgeon has to orient himself in the very small sphenoid cavity and navigate across the hollow space to break through the sellar floor to the(More)
A high-order rotorcraft mathematical model is developed and validated against the XV-15 and a Large Civil Tilt-Rotor (LCTR) concept. Rigid body and inflow states, as well as flexible wing and blade states are used in the analysis. The separate modeling of each rotorcraft component allows for structural flexibility to be included in the presented(More)
Healthcare is seen as one of the most important areas for networked enterprise applications & services. Much effort is put into IT to achieve better efficiency & quality of service. Especially the fields of Patient general & preventive Education are associated with desirable outcomes like greater satisfaction and compliance of the patient. This work(More)
The North-South Institute is a charitable corporation established in 1976 to provide professional, policy-relevant research on relations between industrialized and developing countries. The Institute is independent and cooperates with a wide range of Canadian and international organizations working in related activities. The contents of this study represent(More)