T. Bach

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Due to the unique role of l-proline in the folding and structure of protein, a variety of synthetic proline analogues have been developed. l-Proline analogues have been proven to be valuable reagents for studying cellular metabolism and the regulation of macromolecule synthesis in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. In addition to these fundamental(More)
The proline analogue cis-4-hydroxy-l-proline (CHOP), which inhibits the biosynthesis of collagen, has been clinically evaluated as an anticancer drug, but its water solubility and low molecular weight limits its therapeutic potential since it is rapidly excreted. In addition, CHOP is too toxic to be practical as an anticancer drug, due primarily to its(More)
We use matching asymptotic expansions to treat the anti-plane elastic problem associated with a small defect located at the tip of a notch. In a first part, we develop the asymptotic method for any type of defect and present the sequential procedure which allows us to calculate the different terms of the inner and outer expansions at any order. That(More)
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