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PURPOSE To compare the results of combined trabeculectomy and phacoemulsification surgery with intraocular lens implant by means of a one-site vs a two-site approach. METHODS Glaucomatous patients with a coexisting cataract were randomly assigned to undergo either a one-site or two-site combined procedure. One-site surgery was performed with a(More)
Dorzolamide, a topically active carbonic anhydrase inhibitor, is an effective new glaucoma medication that creates a decrease in intraocular pressure similar to that produced by beta-blockers. When beta-blockers are contraindicated, dorzolamide may be used as a first-line therapy. It has excellent additivity with other topical ocular hypotensive(More)
PURPOSE To compare the relative effectiveness of diclofenac, flurbiprofen, ketorolac, and prednisolone acetate in relieving photophobia after pupil dilation for fundus examination. SETTING Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Hospital, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. METHODS This prospective, blind, placebo-controlled study comprised 105 patients randomly assigned(More)
The authors report on the influence of plasminogen activators (PA) on implantation of TA3Ha mammary tumor cells in the healing hepatic wounds of syngeneic strain A mice. Intravenously injected TA3Ha cells, although they rarely metastasize to the liver, formed tumors in the hepatic wounds of a significant percent (42%, P less than 0.0001) of mice. The(More)
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