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New subject areas and codes are introduced as they become necessary. A list of EPS reports may be obtained Publication of this report does not necessarily imply that the contents reflect the views of the department. ii Acknowledgments The following individuals are acknowledged for their contribution to this work: Disclaimer This report is distributed for(More)
Preface This working paper was developed in response to a request for an address on the responsibilities of public servants in dealing with risks to the public. It surveys a portion of the growing literature relevant to collective decisions involving risk. It is intended primarily to provide some helpful introductory background to public servants and(More)
A method to measure interfacial mechanical properties at high temperatures and in a controlled atmosphere has been developed to study anodized aluminum surface coatings at temperatures where the interior aluminum alloy is molten. This is the first time that the coating strength has been studied under these conditions. We have investigated the effects of(More)
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