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The effect on intraosseous bone formation of a single local injection of recombinant human basic fibroblast growth factor into the distal femur was examined in normal and ovariectomized rabbits. In normal rabbits, basic fibroblast growth factor increased bone mineral density around the injected site in a dose-dependent manner at 4 weeks, with significant(More)
The cardiovascular effects of six beta blocking agents; atenolol (50 mg), carteolol (5 mg ]}, propranelol (10 mg), nipradilol (3 mg), dilevalol (}Oe mg) and metoprolol (4e mg) during Master's test exercise were assessed in 85 kealthy young adults. All drugs significantly reduced the iRcrements in pressure-rate product during exercise at 1 hr as weli as 2 hr(More)
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