T Aswini Devi

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Routing Optimization in mobile ad hoc networks along with secured transmission is an ever-demanding task. Mobile ad hoc networks are highly dynamic topology natured and hence several routing protocols meet the challenge of link quality, delay and energy conscious routing. This paper proposes a secured link quality, delay and energy conscious routing(More)
Optimizing routing in mobile adhoc networks is a challenging task. Since mobile adhoc networks are highly dynamic topology natured, several routing protocols face the challenge of delay and energy conscious routing. This paper proposes a novel delay and energy conscious routing approach based on ant colony optimization. Based on the estimated delay and(More)
Human life is diffused by Social networks(SNs): persons interrelate, influence and are influenced by their confrères. With the advent of WWW, the amount of information accessible on SNs is gigantic, allowing the eminent exploration of data. Social network analysis(SNA) has been achieving consideration from divergent areas like anthropology, biology,(More)
In this age of information technology, access of information in a convenient manner has gained importance. Since human beings use speech as a primary mode of communication, it is natural for people to expect to be able to carry out spoken dialogue with computer. Speech recognition (SR) system permits ordinary people to speak to the computer to retrieve(More)
Information retrieval mechanisms from the web become tedious as the amount of content is growing dynamically every day. The semantic web has an idea of connecting, integrating and analyzing data from various data sources and forming a new information flow, hence a web of databases connected with each other and machines interacting with other machines to(More)
Process management includes project management, information flow management and information management. For effective process management in concurrent engineering it is necessary to have continuous information shared among the human resources carrying out the interactive activities from different disciplines, often distributed in different geographical(More)
Online social networks are gaining galloping upward momentum in a quick succession ever since from their inception as they lay a sturdy platform to share the information seeping into everyone who is concerned about it. In this spirited world substantial amount of success depends on how quickly one is able to reach out to the maximum number of people. There(More)
The software inspection process was created for the dual purpose of improving software quality and increasing programmer’s productivity. Formal inspection is a better method than technical walkthroughs in the software life cycle process. benefits gained in the development of defect-free software by utilizing formal inspection Formal inspections may be(More)
This paper is a continuation of a previous work regarding deception detection in concurrent engineering. In earlier work, we studied the deception detection techniques, analyzed the deceptive information in concurrent engineering and identified the concepts to represent the deception. Earlier work revealed that ‘Sharing of Reliable and complete(More)
Online social networks are gaining momentum in an exceedingly fast succession ever since from their commencement as they lay a robust platform to share the knowledge seeping into everybody who cares about it. In this gogetting world substantial quantity of success depends on how quickly one is ready to succeed resolutely the most hodgepodges of individuals.(More)