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Aggregation of rhodamine 3B adsorbed in Wyoming Montmorillonite aqueous suspensions.
The adsorption of Rhodamine 3B (R3B) molecules in Wyoming Montmorillonite (Mont) particles suspended in water was studied by electronic absorption spectroscopy. Several adsorbed R3B species in theExpand
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Characterization of supported solid thin films of Laponite clay. Intercalation of rhodamine 6G laser dye.
The morphology of thin films of Laponite (Lap) clay elaborated by the evaporation method and spin-coating technique was analyzed by atomic force microscopy and scanning electron microscopy,Expand
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Intramolecular charge transfer in pyrromethene laser dyes: photophysical behaviour of PM650.
Absorption and fluorescence (steady-state and time-correlated) techniques are used to study the photophysical characteristics of the pyrromethene 650 (PM650) dye. The presence of the cyano group atExpand