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This paper is an evaluation of four information theoretic image fusion quality assessment metrics and how they perform, in comparison with some of the existing quantitative metrics. The information theoretic fusion metrics evaluated are: Fusion Factor (FF), Fusion Symmetry (FS), Image Fusion Performance Measure (IFPM) and Renyi Entropy (RE). Even though(More)
Image representation is an active area of research due to its increasing applications in internet, military and defense. Image representation aims at representing an image with lesser number of coefficients than the actual image, without affecting the image quality. It is the first step in image compression. Once the image is represented by using some set(More)
The advent of wavelet in itself is a revolution in the field of signal processing. The simultaneous localization of signal in both its time and frequency domain was what attracted the engineers the most. However, most of them still fail to appreciate the contribution of Ingrid Daubechies, whose scaling and wavelet functions have several surprising features.(More)
Computerized tomography is extensively used in the medical imaging field. It has made a revolutionary impact in diagnostic medicine, helping doctors to view the internal organs of the human body to a very high precision, at the same time ensuring complete safety to the patient. This paper is a study of two such reconstruction algorithms, most commonly used(More)
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