T. Araki

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This paper describes the usefulness of computer assistance in the acquisition of "good" images for stenosis diagnosis and quantification in coronary angiography. The system recommends the optimal viewpoints from which stenotic lesions can be observed clearly based on images obtained from initial viewpoints. First, the viewpoint dependency of the apparent(More)
SUMMARY With the advent of digital video and digital broadcasting, copyright protection of video data has been one of the most important issues. We present in this paper a novel method of digital watermark for video data based on the discrete wavelet transform. In this method, we embed the watermark in the lowest frequency components of each frame in the(More)
BACKGROUND Basic clinical skills training in the Japanese medical education system has traditionally incorporated on-the-job training with patients. Recently, the complementary use of simulation techniques as part of this training has gained popularity. It is not known, however, whether the participants view this new type of education program favorably; nor(More)
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