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The percutaneous absorption and retention of salicylic acid and carbinoxamine from four oily vehicles (liquid paraffin, oleic acid, hexadecyl alcohol, and isopropyl myristate) were studied by employing a recirculation apparatus. The absorption followed first-order kinetics, with the exception of the initial period. The vehicle that had a strong affinity to(More)
A 100-microliters urine sample was chromatographed on a column packed with a strongly basic macroreticular anion-exchange resin (Diaion CDR-10,5--7 micrometers with a nominal 35% cross linkage). The elution was performed with a linear acetate gradient from 0 to 6.0 M at an average flow-rate of 0.72 ml/min and at an average pressure of 104 kg/cm2. The(More)