T. Al-Ameri

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In this paper, we have studied the impact of quantum confinement on the performance of n-type silicon nanowire transistors (NWTs) for application in advanced CMOS technologies. The 3-D drift-diffusion simulations based on the density gradient approach that has been calibrated with respect to the solution of the Schrödinger equation in 2-D cross sections(More)
In this work we have investigated the impact of quantum mechanical effects on the device performance of n-type in ultra-scaled SixGe1-x nanowire transistors (NWT) for possible future applications. For the purpose of this paper SixGe1-x NWTs with different SixGe1-x molar fraction has been simulated. However, in all devices the cross-sectional area,(More)
In this work, we observed the signatures of isotropic charge distributions showing the same attributes as the golden ratio (Phi) described in art and architecture, we also present a simulation study of ultra-scaled n-type silicon nanowire transistors (NWT) for the 5nm CMOS application. Our results reveal that the amount of mobile charge in the channel is(More)
In this work we investigate the correlation between channel strain and device performance in various n-type Si-NWTs. We establish a correlation between strain, gate length and cross-section dimension of the transistors. For the purpose of this paper we simulate Si NWTs with a <;110> channel orientation, four different ellipsoidal channel(More)
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