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Communication latencies constitute a significant factor in the performance of parallel applications. With techniques such as wormhole routing, the variation in no-load latencies became insignificant, i.e., the no-load latencies for far-away processors were not significantly higher (and too small to matter) than those for nearby processors. Contention in the(More)
Resolving cases of ambiguity due to differences in the syntactic form of grammatical rules in source and target languages is a major challenge in the development of a Machine Aided Translation (MAT) system. The primary focus in this paper is laid on translation of text from English to Hindi, one among the most popular Indian languages. Producing an(More)
The efficient usage of parallel machines requires that both the compute nodes as well as the interconnection network be utilized efficiently. As the number of processors in parallel machines increases, the diameter of the interconnection topology can become quite large. In order to prevent messages from travelling over such large distances, the entities in(More)
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