T. Agarwal

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Communication latencies constitute a significant factor in the performance of parallel applications. With techniques such as wormhole routing, the variation in no-load latencies became insignificant, i.e., the no-load latencies for faraway processors were not significantly higher (and too small to matter) than those for nearby processors. Contention in the(More)
The efficient usage of parallel machines requires that both the compute nodes as well as the interconnection network be utilized efficiently. As the number of processors in parallel machines increases, the diameter of the interconnection topology can become quite large. In order to prevent messages from travelling over such large distances, the entities in(More)
Objective: Increasing prevalence of antibiotic resistant pathogenic bacteria has reached the alarming level that poses a need to identify new drugs and drug targets. Peptide Deformylase may prove to be a wise choice since it is crucial for native protein functioning in most pathogenic bacteria. Methods: In present study, we demonstrated preexisting drug(More)
Objective: Asparagus racemosus, the source of Asparagamine A, has been known for its multifaceted therapeutic actions. But these actions have hardly been attributed to Asparagamine A, a polycyclic pyrrolizidine alkaloid. Methods: In the present study, a molecular docking of Asparagamine A with critical proteins associated with many diseases. in cancer, are(More)
Ventricular shunts are commonly employed in the management of hydrocephalus, and numerous complications such as dissection or migration have been reported in the literature besides shunt malfunction. We present a case of the migration of the peritoneal catheter into the scrotum who attended at our institute. He was managed successfully, but subsequently(More)
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