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A transdermal nicotine patch, which delivers 0.7 mg/cm2 per 24 h and is available in sizes of 10, 20, and 30 cm2 was tested in subjects from 21 general medical practices in a 3-month, placebo-controlled randomised double-blind study. The nicotine group (n = 100) and the placebo group (n = 99) were similar at entry. Participants who smoked more than 20(More)
Over 500 cases of thyroid cancer were diagnosed in Belarus between 1986 and 1995 among persons exposed as children (under 15 years of age) to radioactive contamination from the Chernobyl nuclear accident. There is little doubt that radioactive iodine isotopes emitted during the nuclear explosion and subsequent fire were instrumental in causing malignancy in(More)
Observers used automated methods to code who spoke to whom (Who-to-Whom) while families (mother, father, son) of 30 schizophrenics, 13 psychiatrically hospitalized nonschizophrenic controls, and 26 normal controls interacted on four tasks. From the Who-to-Whom data, measures of activity, channels of communication, and other variables were derived. Clear(More)
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