T. A. Welsh

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Some new relations on skew Schur function differences are established both combinatorially using Schützenberger’s jeu de taquin, and algebraically using Jacobi-Trudi determinants. These relations lead to the conclusion that certain differences of skew Schur functions are Schur positive. Applying these results to a basis of symmetric functions involving(More)
The SO(5)⊃ SO(3) spherical harmonics form a natural basis for expansion of nuclear collective model angular wave functions. They underlie the recently-proposed algebraic method for diagonalization of the nuclear collective model Hamiltonian in an SU(1, 1)× SO(5) basis. We present a computer code for explicit construction of the SO(5)⊃ SO(3) spherical(More)
Coloured generalised Young diagrams T (w) are introduced that are in bijective correspondence with the elements w of the Weyl-Coxeter group W of g, where g is any one of the classical affine Lie algebras g = A (1) ` , B (1) ` , C (1) ` , D (1) ` , A (2) 2` , A (2) 2`−1 or D (2) `+1. These diagrams are coloured by means of periodic coloured grids, one for(More)
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