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The size of the lumbar spinal canal was evaluated in a prospective cross-sectional ultrasound (US) study to determine normal size values for lumbar part of the vertebral canal. A total of 88 patients undergoing routine obstetric US were studied between 16-41 weeks gestation. Structural anomalies or growth restriction were excluded. Area and volume of the(More)
Rehabilitation and physical therapy in the sense of functional health is based on the international classification of function. It takes in two considerations: function and structure of the body and their influence on personal and social activity. The integrative concept of joint function translates the basic concept of body function and structure on to the(More)
Material and Methods Ten subjects with severe hemophilia and severe hemarthropathy of both knee joints were treated for three months with a magnetic field applicator (manufacturer: Schober). The patients performed no other physiotherapy during this period. Their prior pain management regimen and factor VIII supply were continued unchanged. Motion analysis(More)
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