T A Tchypysheva

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The distribution of keratins 8 and 17 and of vimentin in 28 normal human mammary tissue samples, 16 benign tumors, 26 fibrocytic diseases and 52 malignant breast tumors have been studied using monoclonal antibodies HI, E3 and NT30, respectively. Three cell populations in normal mammary epithelium have been identified: luminal epithelium containing keratin(More)
Serial cryostat sections of 160 human breast lesions and of 9 lymph-node metastases were studied by indirect immunofluorescence. We used monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) to lining-epithelium-specific keratin 8 and to myoepithelium-specific keratin 17 in combination with polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies to major basement membrane components, laminin,(More)
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