T. A. Senatorova

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The concentration of receptors to E2 decreased in the uterine cytoplasm of rat uterus and increased in the nuclei during sexual maturation. With ageing this index in the cytoplasm and the nuclei of the uterus fell, and failed to alter during pregnancy. After ovariectomy the concentration of the receptors increased in the uterine cytoplasm, but no marked(More)
Low temperature ESR spectra of gamma-irradiated samples of mouse liver regenerating after partial hepatectomy were studied. As compared to ESR spectra of gamma-irradiated samples of health animals liver, in regenerating liver samples new ESR signals from paramagnetic centres S(2.0005) and S(2.0025) were revealed; these signals were earlier recorded by the(More)
The testing of the antiblastomogenic* (or "anticarcinogenie") activity of substances capable of counteracting the appearance of cancer will require further experimental observations. Accelerated methods for evaluating the antiblastomogenic activity of substances might increase the effectiveness of the corresponding searches and promote the solution of a(More)
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