T. A. Little

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The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of different modes of stretching within a pre-exercise warm-up on high-speed motor capacities important to soccer performance. Eighteen professional soccer players were tested for countermovement vertical jump, stationary 10-m sprint, flying 20-m sprint, and agility performance after different warm-ups(More)
High-speed actions are known to impact soccer performance and can be categorized into actions requiring maximal speed, acceleration, or agility. Contradictory findings have been reported as to the extent of the relationship between the different speed components. This study comprised 106 professional soccer players who were assessed for 10-m sprint(More)
Recent evidence suggests that certain soccer drills produce exercise intensities suitable for physical conditioning. However, it remains debatable whether soccer drills can provide a sufficiently unified exercise intensity among different players and on repetition of a drill, because movement patterns cannot be externally controlled during soccer drills.(More)
Recent evidence supports the use of certain soccer drills for combined technical and physical training. Therefore, it is important to be able to accurately monitor training intensity during soccer drills intended for physical development to allow the optimization of training parameters. Twenty-eight professional soccer players were assessed for heart rate(More)
Because of its potential for antigenicity, theoretical concerns related to readministration of abciximab have been raised. We conducted the ReoPro Readministration Registry to assess the efficacy and safety of abciximab readministration. A total of 1,342 patients who underwent percutaneous coronary intervention and who received abciximab for at least a(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the physiological effects of different sprint repetition protocols on professional footballers. Of particular interest were the abilities of repeated sprint protocols to induce fatigue to an extent observed during competitive soccer. Six professional soccer players were assessed for fatigue rate and physiological(More)
The general approach of using a bicyclic template to produce inhibitors of the protease superfamily of enzymes has been investigated. The Diels Alder cycloaddition reaction on solid support has been found to be highly efficient for the synthesis of libraries of compounds that mimic the beta-strand secondary structure of proteins. Several potent and(More)