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A connected ρ-regular graph G has largest eigenvalue ρ in modulus. G is called Ramanujan if it has at least 3 vertices and the second largest modulus of its eigen-values is at most 2 √ ρ − 1. In 2010 Droll classified all Ramanujan unitary Cayley graphs. These graphs of type ICG(n, {1}) form a subset of the class of integral circulant graphs ICG(n, D), which(More)
AIMS To better inform medical practitioners on the role of antiseptics in oropharyngeal health and disease, this article focuses on povidone-iodine (PVP-I), an established and widely-available antiseptic agent. METHODOLOGY Review of the anti-infective profile, efficacy and safety of PVP-I in managing common upper respiratory tract infections such as the(More)
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