T A Koertvelyessy

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Island populations are most informative in the study of the genetic structure of human aggregates. These populations are often of small size, thus violating the Hardy-Weinberg assumption of infinite size. Some geographically isolated island populations are further subdivided by religion, ethnicity, and socioeconomic factors, reducing their effective sizes(More)
A number of tlutlic* rrjwrt an impairment of the genetically inherited ability to taste ITC a. % a function of age. but ignore the cumulative effect of smoking on taste deterioration. Thi* «tudy examine* the effect of aging on taste sensitivity in non-smoking: Mennonite population*. The results obtained preclude a cause and effect relationship between age(More)
The repeated-pair (RP) approach to surnames in married couples is a measure of population subdivision resulting from the influence of lineagelike behavior in mate choice. An excess of RP over random RP implies limitations in mate choice and a reduction of genetic variability. Here we apply the RP method to data from the rural populations of Csaroda,(More)
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