T A Evdokimova

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AIM To determine the mechanism of food sensitization in children with chronic Opisthorchis felineus invasion. PATIENTS AND METHODS During the epidemiological study the groups of patients (7-10 years) with chronic opisthorchiasis (n = 237) and children without chronic opisthorchiasis (n = 496) were formed. The investigation included interviewing of(More)
In isometric efforts small energy expenditure was found to involve an inadequate increase of the heart rate and blood pressure. In dynamic cyclic loads, the heart rate and blood pressure increase occurs linearly, corresponding to the increase of O2 consumption and systolic index. Voluntary relaxation of muscles in the course of cyclic load involves small(More)
Respiratory responses to different movements and postures become stabilized according to the respiratory-energy demands of the optimal way for task solution. Passive pedalling entails diminishing of electrical activity, the respiratory reactions at that being significantly higher than at resting but lower as compared to active work. With no circumstantial(More)
The efficiency of supravascular laser exposure in multiple-modality treatment of patients with atherosclerosis obliterans with distal vascular lesions is demonstrated and the method of noninvasive laser exposure of the lower limbs is validated. Difficulties in the treatment of this category of patients prompted supplementing traditional therapy by(More)
On the basis of the study into the parameters of systemic hemodynamics during bicycle ergometric exercise, and their processing with the help of the programme of multiple step-wise regression in computer CM-3, an algorithm was derived whose employment makes it possible to determine very reliably the severity of the disease, and which also facilitates an(More)