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Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: Capturing Dynamic Brand Choice Processes in Turbulent Consumer Goods Markets
We construct two models of the behavior of consumers in an environment where there is uncertainty about brand attributes. In our models, both usage experience and advertising exposure give consumersExpand
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Brand Credibility, Brand Consideration, and Choice
We examine the role of brand credibility (trustworthiness and expertise) on brand choice and consideration across multiple product categories that vary in regard to potential uncertainty aboutExpand
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Brand and Quantity Choice Dynamics Under Price Uncertainty
We develop a model of household demand for frequently purchased consumer goods that are branded, storable and subject to stochastic price fluctuations. Our framework accounts for how inventories andExpand
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Brands as Signals: A Cross-Country Validation Study:
Abstract This article tests how well the information economics view of brand equity explains consumer brand choice in countries that represent different cultural dimensions. In this empiricalExpand
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An Empirical Analysis of Umbrella Branding
In this article, the author studies the processes by which consumers’ quality perceptions of a brand in a product category are affected by their experience with the same brand in a differentExpand
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A Dynamic Analysis of Market Structure Based on Panel Data
Internal market structure analysis infers brand positions in an attribute space from preference and choice data, given a market in which consumers have heterogeneous tastes for attributes. PreviousExpand
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The impact of brand credibility on consumer price sensitivity
Abstract Brands can affect various stages of consumer choice processes, and hence, various components of consumer utility functions. Previous conceptual and empirical work focused on the effects ofExpand
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Structural Modeling in Marketing: Review and Assessment
The recent marketing literature reflects a growing interest in structural models, stemming from (1) the desire to test a variety of behavioral theories with market data, and (2) recent developmentsExpand
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A Dynamic Model of Brand Choice When Price and Advertising Signal Product Quality
We estimate a dynamic brand choice model in which consumers learn about brand quality through four kinds of signals: use experience, advertising content, advertising intensity,1 and price. Expand
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