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An experiment is reported which evaluated performance on a 10-sec unfilled time interval estimation task before, during, and after physical work on a cycle ergometer at relative intensities of 30 and 60% VO2max. Results from eleven healthy male subjects revealed a significant increase in time estimation variability and a decrease in the mean estimated time(More)
A detailed computational (DFT level of theory) study regarding the nature of the exocyclic amino group, N6H2, of the model nucleobase 9-methyladenine (9MeA) and its protonated (9MeAH+) and deprotonated forms (9MeA–H), free and metal-complexed, has been conducted. The metals are PtII and PdII, bonded to nitrogen-containing co-ligands (NH3, dien, bpy), with(More)
Several di- and trinuclear metal complexes consisting of the model nucleobase 9-methyladenine (9-MeA) or its mono-deprotonated form (9-MeA(-)) and monofunctional (dien)Pd(II), (dien)Pt(II), (NH(3))(3)Pt(II), or (trpy)Pd(II) in different combinations have been prepared and/or studied in solution by NMR spectroscopy:(More)
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