Tânia Maria da Silva Novaretti

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BACKGROUND Verbal fluency (VF) tasks are simple and efficient clinical tools to detect executive dysfunction and lexico-semantic impairment. VF tasks are widely used in patients with suspected dementia, but their accuracy for detection of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is still under investigation. Schooling in particular may influence the subject's(More)
OBJECTIVES Depression and dementia are highly prevalent in the elderly. Language impairment is an inherent component of Alzheimer's disease (AD), which can also be encountered in depressed patients. The aim of this study wasto compare the profiles of language abilities in late-onset depression and mild AD groups. METHODS We studied 25 patients with(More)
Previous studies reported that depressed subjects had more signal hyperintensities on magnetic resonance imaging scans than control subjects, but the subjects had cerebrovascular disease risk factors. This study used subjects with a history of major depression and matched comparison subjects, screened to exclude cerebrovascular risk factors, to determine(More)
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