Tânia M. Segatelli

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BACKGROUND Germ cell transplantation results in fertile recipients and is the only available approach to functionally investigate the spermatogonial stem cell biology in mammals and probably in other vertebrates. In the current study, we describe a novel non-surgical methodology for efficient spermatogonial transplantation into the testes of adult tilapia(More)
Although the use of germ cell transplantation has been relatively well established in mammals, the technique has only been adapted for use in fish after entering the 2000s. During the last decade, several different approaches have been developed for germ cell transplantation in fish using recipients of various ages and life stages, such as blastula-stage(More)
Chronic alcoholism alters reproduction and therefore may be responsible for alterations of vas deferens, which are the subject of this analysis in UCh ethanol-drinking rats. The proximal and distal segments of the vas deferens of 20 animals were submitted to macroscopic, light microscopy, electron microscopy and morphometric analysis. The UCh rats showed(More)
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