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Hepatitis C - New drugs and treatment prospects.
The molecular targets and chemical structures of drugs used in HCV treatment are reviewed andications and contraindications for anti-HCV drugs are also discussed together with application regimens. Expand
Physicochemical Compatibility and Stability of Linezolid with Parenteral Nutrition
The addition of linezolid to TPN mixtures for patients treated forLinezolid-sensitive infections may reduce the extent of vascular access handling, resulting in a diminished risk of unwanted catheter-related infections. Expand
Critical parameters for the stability of cefquinome sulfate in aqueous solutions and solid phase
Cefquinome sulfate is a veterinary, parenteral, fourth-generation cephalosporin with a methoxyimino–aminothiazolyl moiety into the acyl side chain and the quaternary quinoline group at position 3 ofExpand
Application of the HPLC Method in Parenteral Nutrition Assessment: Stability Studies of Ondansetron
It was found that the decomposition of OND during the seven-day storage did not exceed 5% and did not depend on external factors, so it is recommended to add OND to Lipoflex special, and it is possible to store such an admixture for seven days. Expand
Co-Administration of Drugs and Parenteral Nutrition: In Vitro Compatibility Studies of Loop Diuretics for Safer Clinical Practice
It may be suggested that the co-administration of furosemide or torsemide and PN caused no interaction, and the absence of such signs of unwanted interactions allowed for the Co-Administration of the mentioned loop diuretics and Pn at each of the studied ratios. Expand
Tuberculosis - present medication and therapeutic prospects.
Despite a 22% decrease in the tuberculosis fatality rate observed between 2000 and 2015, the disease remains one of the ten prime causes of death worldwide and increasing bacterial resistance and expensive, prolonged therapies are the main reasons for efforts to find effective drugs or antituberculotic regimens. Expand
Stability of Epidoxorubicin Hydrochloride in Aqueous Solutions: Experimental and Theoretical Studies
The first-order degradation kinetics of epidoxorubicin were investigated as a function of pH, temperature, and buffers concentrations. The degradation was followed by HPLC. Buffer catalysis wasExpand
Stability and Compatibility Aspects of Drugs: The Case of Selected Cephalosporins
The study aimed to present various aspects of the stability and compatibility of five cephalosporins: cefepime (CFE), cefuroxime (CFU), ceftriaxone (CFX, ceftazidime ( CFZ), and cefazoline (CFL), and the degradation studies in parenteral infusion fluids and PN admixtures. Expand
Ceftiofur sodium (CFT), a third-generation cephalosporin for parenteral use, is commonly used in veterinary medicine against aerobic Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria as well as certainExpand
How Do Dieticians on Instagram Teach? The Potential of the Kirkpatrick Model in the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Nutritional Education in Social Media
The potential of the Kirkpatrick model with New World Kirkpatrick Model additions to evaluate the nutritional education provided by dieticians via Instagram is presented and both Levels 3 ( Behavior) and 4 (Results) of the KM were met. Expand