Szymon Pięciński

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The nucleolar activity of Hyacinthus orientalis L. embryo sac cells was investigated. The distributions of nascent pre-rRNA (ITS1), 26S rRNA and of the 5S rRNA and U3 snoRNA were determined using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Our results indicated the different rRNA metabolism of the H. orientalis female gametophyte cells before and after(More)
The content and distribution of the poly(A) RNA and splicing machinery element––TMG snRNA in cells of the Hyacinthus orientalis L. mature embryo sac, during the progamic phase and after fertilization, were investigated. Using fluorescence in situ hybridization and immunofluorescence methods we showed that in the mature unfertilized embryo sac strong signal(More)
We characterized three phases of Hyacinthus orientalis L. embryo sac development, in which the transcriptional activity of the cells differed using immunolocalization of incorporated 5′-bromouracil, the total RNA polymerase II pool and the hypo- (initiation) and hyperphosphorylated (elongation) forms of RNA Pol II. The first stage, which lasts from the(More)
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