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The physiological effects of physical exercise have been extensively studied. Nevertheless, its influence on cognitive functioning remains a matter of controversy. In this study we have attempted to assess the effects of repeated exercise (6 weeks of daily treadmill running, meant to resemble human physical training), on parallel learning of a complex task(More)
INTRODUCTION Malnutrition is a negative predictive factor for survival in end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. Coincidence of malnutrition, inflammation and atherosclerosis (MIA syndrome) in the dialysis population is an exceptionally poor outcome event. Due to flexibility, ease of performance and reproducibility, clinical scales are of particular value(More)
PURPOSE There is an increasing number of patients being dialyzed with permanent catheters (PC). In the majority of cases, heparin is used to maintain PC patency. This practice causes clotting disturbances due to heparin leakage and may predispose the patient to bleeding episodes. It has not been well studied whether lowering heparin concentration for canal(More)
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