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Been There, Done That: The Impact of Effort Investment on Goal Value and Consumer Motivation
In the present article, we propose that consumers’ initial effort investment in pursuing a goal may increase or decrease the value of the goal and the consumer’s subsequent motivation, depending onExpand
Motivational Consequences of Perceived Velocity in Consumer Goal Pursuit
The authors explore the interplay between consumers’ progress levels toward attaining a goal and the perceived velocity in progressing toward the goal to determine consumers’ motivation for furtherExpand
So near and yet so far: the mental representation of goal progress.
In the present article, we explore whether people's mental representation of progress level can function as a self-regulation mechanism that helps motivate continued effort in the pursuit. We proposeExpand
How Endowed versus Earned Progress Affects Consumer Goal Commitment and Motivation
Because consumers ask different questions to establish commitment at beginning versus advanced stages of goal pursuit, we propose that progress that they attribute to themselves and to the situationExpand
Step by step: Sub-goals as a source of motivation
Abstract The present research explores the shifting impact of sub-goals on human motivation as individuals move closer to goal attainment, and attributes this shift to the changing source ofExpand
Trade-related spillovers and industrial competitiveness: Exploring the linkages for OECD countries
This study examines how trade-related spillovers impact the OECD countries' industrial competitiveness; with an emphasis on China's innovative efforts and reintegration into the global economy. InExpand
All roads lead to Rome: the impact of multiple attainment means on motivation.
Individuals have different concerns before and after they become relatively certain about a goal's attainability; hence, we propose that the presence of alternative means of goal attainment will haveExpand
Royalty bargaining in Public–Private Partnership projects: Insights from a theoretic three-stage game auction model
This study presents a transformed first-price sealed-bid auction with independent private values to determine the equilibrium royalties and subsidies in Public–Private Partnerships. The proposedExpand
Counteractive Construal in Consumer Goal Pursuit
The present research explores a self-control operation, namely, counteractive construal, that helps consumers resolve the conflicts between an important goal and a short-term temptation by alteringExpand
From Close to Distant: The Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships in Shared Goal Pursuit
This research examines how individuals' relationship with others sharing the pursuit of the same individual goal may change from early to later stages of the pursuit. In one qualitative field study,Expand