Szu-Yao Hung

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A digitally assisted amplitude calibration technique suitable for wideband phase-locked loops (PLLs) is presented in this paper. By operating the voltage-controlled oscillator in the current-limited region with a tunable bias scheme, an amplitude control mechanism is incorporated in the PLL system for performance optimization. Due to the use of a sequential(More)
A 10-bit current-steering digital-to-analog converter (DAC) has been proposed. This study is used for the transmitter (Tx) of the powerline communication (PLC) analog-front-end (AFE), and it reaches the standard of the HomePlug AV2. The proposed DAC also uses a technique as digital random-returnto-zero (DRRZ) [1] to achieve high performance in the OFDM(More)
In this paper, a line driver for HomePlug AV powerline communication system has been described. The proposed line driver includes a damping factor control (DFC) network which suppressed the open loop high frequency peaking effect to improve the stability for the various characteristic impedance of powerline. The line driver was fabricated in TSMC 0.18-μm(More)
A high dynamic range programmable gain amplifier (PGA) for HomePlug AV powerline communication (PLC) receivers has been designed in a standard 0.18-μm CMOS technology. Linear transconductance amplifiers are employed as gain cells to obtain high dynamic range. A current compensation technique is proposed to achieve fine gain step characteristics. For(More)
This paper presents a current-mode adaptively hysteretic control (CMAHC) technique to achieve the fast transient response for DC-DC buck converters. A complementary full range current sensor comprising of chargingpath and discharging-path sensing transistors is proposed to track the inductor current seamlessly. With the proposed current-mode adaptively(More)
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