Szu-Min Chen

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Scarce resources of wireless medium (e.g., bandwidth, battery power, and so on) significantly restrict the progress of wireless local area networks (WLANs). Heavy traffic load and high station density are most likely to incur collisions, and further consume bandwidth and energy. In this paper, a distributed power-saving protocol, power-efficient MAC(More)
The paper proposes a distributed spatial reuse (DSR) MAC protocol for IEEE 802.11 ad-hoc wireless LANs (WLANs) to increase bandwidth utilization and reduce power consumption. Through power control, the communications that do not interfere with each other can transmit simultaneously. Therefore, the overall efficiency and effectiveness of IEEE 802.11 ad-hoc(More)
Product yield directly affects production cost. Thus manufacturers seek to quickly enhance product yield during the development and mass-production processes. In other words, when a yield loss occurs, the root causes should be found rapidly in both the development and mass-production phases. When a yield loss is encountered, the traditional yield(More)
Categorical sentiment classification has drawn much attention in the field of NLP, while less work has been conducted for dimensional sentiment analysis (DSA). Recent works for DSA utilize either word embedding, knowledge base features, or bilingual language resources. In this paper, we propose our model for IJCNLP 2017 Dimensional Sentiment Analysis for(More)
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