Szu-Chi Yang

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Virus is known to resonate in the confined-acoustic dipolar mode with microwave of the same frequency. However this effect was not considered in previous virus-microwave interaction studies and microwave-based virus epidemic prevention. Here we show that this structure-resonant energy transfer effect from microwaves to virus can be efficient enough so that(More)
We report our finding that nanoacoustic pulses can efficiently modulate the coupling between surface plasmons and the cavity mode in nanogratings, with promise to control surface plasmon polaritons with high temporal and spatial accuracies.
A THz near-field transmission imaging system was successfully demonstrated to image the vessels inside the ears of nude mice in vivo. Wave-guided illumination and near-field scanning detection with a sub-wavelength aperture were applied. An operating frequency of 340 GHz was chosen to achieve a higher penetration depth in tissues with a reasonable(More)
Practically, graphene is often deposited on substrates. Given the major substrate-induced modification of properties and considerable energy transfer at the interface, the graphene-substrate interaction has been widely discussed. However, the proposed mechanisms were restricted to the two-dimensional (2D) plane and interface, while the energy conduction in(More)
Thanks to ultrafast acoustics, a better understanding of acoustic dynamics on a short time scale has been obtained and new characterization methods at the nanoscale have been developed. Among the materials that were studied during the development of ultrafast acoustics, nitride based heterostructures play a particular role due to their piezoelectric(More)
Despite the numerous devoted studies, water at solid interfaces remains puzzling. An ongoing debate concerns the nature of interfacial water at a hydrophilic surface, whether it is more solid-like, ice-like, or liquid-like. To answer this question, a complete picture of the distribution of the water molecule structure and molecular interactions has to be(More)
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