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Our aim was to study the effect of potential biotic drivers, including evapotranspiration (ET) and gross primary production (GPP), on the soil CO2 production and efflux on the diel time scale. Eddy covariance, soil respiration and soil CO2 gradient systems were used to measure the CO2 and H2O fluxes in a dry, sandy grassland in Hungary. The contribution of(More)
Different management practices may change the rate of soil respiration, thus affecting the carbon balance of grasslands. Therefore, we investigated the effect of grazing and mowing on soil respiration along with its driving variables (soil water content, soil temperature, above and below ground biomass, vegetation indices and soil carbon) in adjacent(More)
Spatial patterns of ecosystem processes constitute significant sources of uncertainty in greenhouse gas flux estimations partly because the patterns are temporally dynamic. The aim of this study was to describe temporal variability in the spatial patterns of grassland CO2 and N2O flux under varying environmental conditions and to assess effects of the(More)
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