Szilveszter Gergely

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Five winter wheat cultivars--GK Othalom (HMW-GS composition 2*, 7+8, 5+10), Ukrainka (1, 7+8, 5+10), Palotás (2*, 7+9, 5+10), Ködmön (2*, 7+8, 5+10), and Csongrád (2*, 7+9, 2+12)--grown in Hungary and harvested in the year 2005 were studied. The biosynthesis of gluten-forming polypeptides was followed starting at the 12th day after anthesis to the 53rd.(More)
Presently a significant portion of the Earth's population does not have access to healthy food. Either because they cannot afford it or because they do not know which one are they. The aim of the VII th Framework Chance project (Nr. 266331) supported by the European Union has been to develop relatively cheap food with favourable nutritional value and it(More)
In this study, near-infrared (NIR) and Raman spectroscopy were compared in parallel to predict the glucose concentration of Chinese hamster ovary cell cultivations. A shake flask model system was used to quickly generate spectra similar to bioreactor cultivations therefore accelerating the development of a working model prior to actual cultivations.(More)
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