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— Automated security systems are a useful addition to today's home where safety is an important issue. Vision-based security systems have the advantage of being easy to set up, inexpensive and non-obtrusive. This paper proposes an integrated dual-level vision-based home security system, which consists of two subsystems – a face recognition module and a(More)
This paper presents a new non-greedy routing and admission control algorithm for the dynamic routing of bandwidth-guaranteed tunnels. The algorithm operates online that is handling requests which arrive one at a time without prior knowledge of the traf®c pattern. It combines the key concepts in the minimum interference routing algorithm and the algorithms(More)
— Dynamic Power Management (DPM) is a system level power management technique that selectively shut down idle electrical components to save power. Previous works are mainly focused on certain types of prediction technique which assume that the idle period is long range dependent (heuristic prediction based on past history), random process (Markov Process)(More)
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