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BACKGROUND Wound complications after lower extremity arterial reconstruction can range from a minor lymphatic leak that causes minimal disability to a severe infection that jeopardizes the limb and life of the affected patient. This study was designed to define more clearly the incidence, severity, and the cost of these complications. METHODS During a(More)
Twenty female juvenile delinquents who acknowledged engaging in prostitution, 20 juvenile delinquents who denied doing so, and 20 same-age control subjects responded to Colby and Kohlberg's (1987) Moral Judgment Interview (MJI), a moral dilemma about prostitution, and Joffe and Naditch's (1977) test of coping and defending. Delinquents scored lower on moral(More)
Graves' disease may result in significant proptosis that causes visual loss. This has been traditionally managed surgically by external bony skeleton decompression. Tran nasal endoscopic orbital decompression is as a new technique that avoids the need for cutaneous or gingival incisions. Decompression of the medial orbital wall can be performed up to the(More)
Fifty-one patients were analyzed after a randomized double-blind study comparing Hexabrix and Renografin 60 in peripheral arteriography. The arteriographic studies and the volumes of contrast material used in both groups were similar. Hexabrix caused significantly less pain and discomfort than Renografin 60, and the diagnostic quality of the radiographs was(More)
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