Szabolcs Takács

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The excitation functions of (96)Nb, (95m)Nb, (95g)Nb, (92m)Nb, (91m)Nb, (90)Nb, (95)Zr, (89)Zr, (88)Zr, (86)Zr, (88)Y, (87m)Y, (87g)Y, (86)Y were measured up to 70MeV proton energy by using the stacked foil technique and the activation method. The new data were compared with the critically analyzed experimental data in the literature and with the TALYS(More)
In an attempt to model occupational and environmental Mn exposures and their possible interaction, young male Wistar rats were exposed to Mn by oral administration in dissolved form (MnCl(2)·4H(2)O, 14.84 and 59.36 mg/kg b.w.) and by intratracheal application of MnO(2) nanoparticles (2.63 mg/kg b.w.). After 3 and 6 weeks oral, or 3 weeks oral plus 3 weeks(More)
alpha-particle-induced nuclear reactions for generation of (211)At used in therapeutic nuclear medicine and possible contaminants were investigated with the stacked foil activation technique on natural bismuth targets up to E(alpha)=39 MeV. Excitation functions are reported for the reactions (209)Bi(alpha,2n)(211)At, (209)Bi(alpha,3n)(210)At and(More)
In the frame of a systematic study of charged particle production routes of the therapeutic radioisotope (131)Cs, excitation functions of the (nat)Ba(p,x)(135,132mg)La, (ind135m,cum133m,cum133mg,cum131mg)Ba and (136mg,134mg,132,cum129)Cs reactions were measured in the 30-70 MeV energy range using stacked foil irradiation technique, activation method and(More)
Excitation curves for reactions induced by proton beams up to 36MeV on highly enriched (116)Cd targets were assessed. The standard stacked foil method, with monitoring of beam parameters over the whole energy region, and high resolution gamma spectrometry were used. We report cross sections for reactions leading to (113m)(,114m,115m,116m1)In and (115)Cd. A(More)
Activation cross sections of deuteron induced nuclear reactions on enriched (100)Mo have been studied up to 50 MeV using the stacked foil irradiation technique and gamma spectroscopy. The excitation functions for production of (99m)Tc, (ind99)Mo, (ind98m)Nb, (ind97mg)Nb radioisotopes were measured for the first time and compared with the results of the(More)
Production cross-sections of (103)Ag obtained by irradiating (nat)Pd and (nat)Cd with 70 MeV protons are presented and compared with ALICE-IPPE model calculations. Production of (103)Ag is of interest for the generation of (103)Pd widely used in brachytherapy. The investigated energy range of the (103)Rh(d,2n)(103)Pd reaction was extended up to 40 MeV and(More)
Production cross-sections of (nat)Ni(d,x)(56,57)Ni, (55,56,57,58)Co, (52,54)Mn, and (51)Cr nuclear reactions were measured up to 40 MeV by using the stacked foil technique. The results were compared with the literature values, TALYS 1.4 and TENDL-2012. Spline fits were made on the selected data, from which physical yields were calculated and compared with(More)
Mitochondrial toxins represent an interesting group of neurotoxicants related both to causation and modelling of central nervous damage. 3-nitropropionic acid (3NP), a neurotoxin of herbal and microfungal origin, inhibits succinate dehydrogenase leading thereby to various biochemical and morphological alterations in the brain. Experimental animals treated(More)