Szabolcs Sergyán

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In content-based image retrieval systems (CBIR) the most efficient and simple searches are the color based searches. Although this methods can be improved if some prepocessing steps are used. In this paper one of the prepocessing algorithms, the image classification is analyzed. In CBIR image classification has to be computationally fast and efficient. In(More)
In the content-based image retrieval systems such images what are similar to a given image can be retrieved, that consist some features or of the whole image, either of the homogeneous connected regions of the image. If the creation of the applied feature vectors is made by the homogeneous connected regions, then there is a great significance of the(More)
Selecting the right parameters is a vital issue in image processing algorithms. Normally this is done after experimenting with a limited number of pictures, and then one just hopes that the parameters will work adequately with all the other images. Experimenting with the parameters, however, consumes precious human time. In this paper we present a technique(More)
In content-based image retrieval systems the most efficient and simple searches are the color-based searches, which can be realized in several color spaces and by several color descriptors. In this paper the possibility of image classification using certain color descriptors is examined, and the usage of different color spaces and descriptors depending on(More)
The main aim of this work is to show, how GPGPUs can facilitate certain type of image processing methods. The software used in this paper is used to detect special tissue part, the nuclei on (HE - hematoxilin eosin) stained colon tissue sample images. Since pathologists are working with large number of high resolution images - thus require significant(More)
Using content based image retrieval systems the images are compared on the grounds of the stored information of images. As simple descriptors the intensity (or color), the texture and the shape is widely used. Special property of thermal images - similarly to gray-scale images - the have only one intensity channel. But then these intensities change on an(More)
Checking the consistency of image databases is not a completely solved problem. To decide if an image has already been inserted into the database can only be checked by actually looking through the images, or using the textual descriptive keywords attached to the database items. Both the visual checking and the keyword search in a large image database may(More)
The representation of data plays significant role in many applications, as for instance when performing data compression, feature extraction or enhancement, etc. In this paper we briefly mention some well known data representation forms and propose a new domain based on the so called higher order singular value decomposition (HOSVD) and wavelet(More)