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Reviews: This International Species Management Plan with its goals and objectives should be reviewed and updated every 10 years (first revision in 2022). Disclaimer The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this document do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of UNEP/AEWA concerning the legal status of any(More)
The Tensor Product model transformation is a numerical method that is capable of uniformly transforming LPV (linear parameter-varying) dynamic models into polytopic forms, both in a theoretical and algorithmic context. Using the TP model transformation, different optimization and convexity constraints can be considered, and transformations can be executed(More)
Flow cytometry is now a recognized methodology within animal spermatology, and has moved from being a research tool to become routine in the assessment of animal semen destined to breeding. The availability of 'bench-top' flow cytometers and of newer and versatile markers for cell structure and function had allowed the instrumentation to measure more sperm(More)
BACKGROUND Male infertility is an increasing problem in all domestic species including man. Localization and identification of genes involved in defects causing male infertility provide valuable information of specific events in sperm development. Correct condensation of the sperm head and development of the acrosome are required for fertile sperm. In the(More)
  • Anser erythropus, Tim Jones, +42 authors Sergey Yerokhov
  • 2008
Reviews This International Single Species Action Plan should be revised in 2013. An emergency review shall be undertaken if there are sudden major changes liable to affect the Western Palearctic Population. and the French EU Presidency 2008 for their invaluable guidance, coordination and constructive criticism during the preparation and consultations of(More)
Kivonat: Az adat alapú modellezési feladatoknál olyan, a modell struktúra kiválasztásra szolgáló hatékony eljárások használata szükséges, melyek lehetvé teszik a modelezési probléma szempontjából leginkább releváns változók kiválasztását is. A cikk egy asszociációs szabálykeres algoritmuson alapuló új eljárást mutat be, melyben a potenciális modell(More)
  • Platalea leucorodia, Szabolcs Nagy, +27 authors Aytekin F. Jabbarova
  • 2008
List of range countries by populations, where the plan is to be implemented and national organizations in each country involved in the preparation of the action plan: Geographical Scope The Spoonbill has a wide distribution from Europe to East Asia. Its distribution is partly included within the geographical range of the actions of AEWA. The present Action(More)
Passing times of two different types of feeds were determined in cases of wels (Silurus glanis) by measuring the body weight at three different temperatures. Fingerlings, 38.03 ± 8.04 g, were fed by an artificial dry feed (commercial catfish feed) or forage fish. The treatments were carried out (11 fish/aquaria) in 3 replicates. Fish were individually(More)
The main objective of the paper is to present a non-heuristic, mathematically well defined control design to the parallel-type double inverted pendulum. First we apply the recently proposed TP model transformation to generate a finite element convex polytopic representation, namely a Tensor Product model representation (that is equivalent with a kind of TS(More)