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Multiple primary tumors occur more commonly in the region of the head and neck than elsewhere in the body. The chance of this is particularly high in patients treated for retinoblastoma, in part because of a genetic predisposition, and in part because of the possibility of irradiation treatment. However, triple tumors occur in only 0.5% of multiple tumors.(More)
Six different chemotherapeutic agents were individually incorporated in each of fourteen selected polyethylene glycol ointment bases, and their bioactivities were assessed using different diffusion techniques. The prepared medicated ointments were evaluated for drug release using the standard microbiological agar cup diffusion, the long period method and(More)
The study is based on an ongoing joint research of the Târgu Mureş University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Davidson College from USA related to smoking prevention. Some of the objectives of the study in 3 Transylvanian counties were: the assessment of adolescents' smoking habits, the proof of the need for community prevention, the development of a(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Our study investigates the theoretical and practical relationship between community resilience and adolescent smoking behavior, based on the assumption that experiencing the supportive, protective and regulatory power of local communities and neighborhoods influences adolescent smoking behavior, it delays the early testing and it(More)
Cigarette consumption might be considered as a lifestyle model. The formation of this lifestyle model in childhood and adolescence is considerable due to the socio-cultural environment in which socialization take part. The aim of this study was to analyze adolescents' smoking behavior, and family-related factors that may influence it. The self-reported(More)
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