Syuuichi Miyazaki

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The role of kinins in the acute antihypertensive effect of a converting enzyme inhibitor (CEI) was studied in sodium-depleted normotensive and in two-kidney, one clip chronically hypertensive rats (2K-1C). The 2K-1C were on a normal sodium diet. The acute vasodepressor effect of the CEI was determined in these two groups either after administration of(More)
The chronic antihypertensive effect of converting enzyme inhibtor (CEI) may be due to a decrease in aldosterone secretion secondary to blockade of angiotensin II formation. To study this hypothesis, changes in blood pressure (BP), in response to chronic administration of the CEI, captopril, were measured in spontaneously hypertensive (SHR) and in chronic(More)
The sexual maturation in the male house musk shrew, Suncus murinus, was investigated by weighing gonads, accessory sexual organs and various other organs, and measuring testosterone concentrations in the plasma from birth to 50 days of age. The histological and histochemical studies of the testis were also carried out. Testicular weight increased markedly(More)
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