Syunsuke Mizuno

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This paper proposes an artificial intelligence algorithm that uses the k-nearest neighbor algorithm to predict its opponent's attack action and a game simulator to deduce a countermeasure action for controlling an in-game character in a fighting game. This AI algorithm (AI) aims at achieving good results in the fighting-game AI competition having been(More)
A rat model of lumbar root constriction with an additional sympathectomy in some animals was used to assess whether the sympathetic nerves influenced radicular pain. Behavioural tests were undertaken before and after the operation. On the 28th post-operative day, both dorsal root ganglia and the spinal roots of L4 and L5 were removed, frozen and sectioned(More)
This study proposed a design database consisting of creative and noncreative designs for creative research and discussed the correlation between creative assessment and brain activities using fMRI. We answered the following two research questions: which brain areas are activated when assessing creative designs in contrast to noncreative designs and does(More)
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