Syunsuke Mimura

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Regulation of the Chaetomium gracile xylanase A gene (cgxA) was investigated using Aspergillus nidulans as an intermediate host. Deletion of a 185 bp DNA fragment from its promoter region led to higher levels of the cgxA gene expression, indicating that the 185 bp DNA fragment contains an element involved in repression of the gene. A nuclear extract was(More)
HOIL-1L and its binding partner, HOIL-1L interacting protein (HOIP), are essential components of linear ubiquitin (Ub) chain assembly complex (LUBAC), a 600-kDa enzyme complex catalyzing elongation of a tandemly connected Ub chain, which serve as a regulator of NF-κB activation. Specific interaction between the N-terminal Ub-like domain (UBL) of HOIL-1L and(More)
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