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We have developed a simple and reliable method for quantitative detection of triglycerides (TG) in serum lipoproteins and serum-free glycerol (FG) by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). After separation of serum constituents using a new gel-permeation column (TSK gel Lipopropak XL, Tosoh) and a new eluent (TSK eluent LP-2, Tosoh), TG and FG were(More)
The translocation and absorption of 58Co (CoCl2) through a wound was investigated experimentally with mice. Physical and chemical skin damages became the objects of the investigation. Abrasion, puncture and incision were made for types of the physical damage. The chemical damage included both acid and alkaline burns. The absorptions of the radionuclide(More)
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  • 1990
There is a controversy concerning the difference between the resting state of accommodation in the dark-(dark focus of accommodation) and that in the light field (empty field). Previous investigations have reported individual differences in resting points, too. In this study, 113 subjects the resting state in the dark- and light-field were measured. It was(More)
This study was carried out to investigate whether expensive enzyme-treated fish meal (EFM) can be partially replaced by soybean meal (SM) or enzyme-treated SM (ESM) without compromising the growth of captive-raised Pacific bluefin tuna (PBT) juveniles. Five fish diets were tested: EFM (control) and EFM in which 10 or 20% of the EFM was replaced with either(More)
We measured the metabolic changes in aldose and phosphorus metabolites in rabbit lenses incubated with tissue culture medium 199 (TCM 199) containing 20 mM glucose-1-13C, using 13C, 31P-NMR Spectroscopy (13C, 31P-MRS). Then we investigated the effects of aldose reductase inhibitor (ARI) on those metabolic changes, using the same method. In the incubated(More)
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