Syunichi Hayano

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Human mercaptalbumin (HMA) and nonmercaptalbumin (HNA) could be separated by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) at neutral pH. Using HPLC, the present authors found the nonmercapt-mercapt conversion (HNA----HMA) during hemodialysis and the mercapt-nonmercapt conversion (HMA----HNA) after hemodialysis in chronic renal failure, indicating HMA as(More)
In the case of phenytoin, a drug that is generally highly protein bound, there is a lack of consensus on the use of charcoal hemoperfusion in cases of overdose. We performed charcoal hemoperfusion on a phenytoin-overdosed patient to assess the effectiveness of this treatment. The plasma concentrations of total and free phenytoin fell rapidly, from 40.0(More)
BACKGROUND Charcoal hemoperfusion is a very effective extracorporeal treatment in cases of drug overdose. The volume of distribution of a drug is the most important factor in limiting the efficacy of the treatment. Typically, drugs with a small volume of distribution are more efficiently removed by this treatment. In contrast, the effect of the plasma(More)
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