Syuji Kazuki

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The authors investigated selective intra- and extraluminal effects of endothelin (ET) on perfused basilar and extracranial arteries and also studied the interaction between ET and extraluminal oxyhemoglobin (oxyHb). The basilar, mesenteric, and femoral arteries were isolated from 23 Japanese White rabbits. After isolation of the intra- and extraluminal(More)
The term "infantile myofibromatosis" was coined in 1981 to describe a rare type of soft-tissue tumor in infants. Solitary lesions are usual, but extremely rare in the skull. An infantile case involving a lesion in the left parietal bone is described. The patient was a 6-month-old girl admitted with a mass measuring 2 x 2 cm in the left parietal region.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the possible role of the antioxidant ebselen in the treatment of cerebral vasospasm, we examined the effects of ebselen on the vasoactive mechanisms induced by endothelin (ET)-1, oxyhemoglobin, and oxygen-derived radicals. METHODS Isolated rabbit basilar arteries with intact endothelium were fixed in a perfusion system and perfused(More)
Few case reports of encapsulated intracranial hematoma (EIH) exist, and the mechanisms underlying the onset and enlargement of EIH remain unclear. Here, we report on a 39-year-old woman with an EIH that repeatedly hemorrhaged and swelled and was ultimately surgically removed. In June 2012, the patient visited her local doctor, complaining of headaches. A(More)
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