Syuhei Sato

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Wiener's method of a nonlinear system analysis and its application to neurophysiology are surveyed. His theory is explained on the orthogonal functional series expansion of a nonlinear noise with respect to the Brownian motion whose formal derivative is understood as the white Gaussian noise. Then, efforts made for applying the method to practice are(More)
Recently, visual simulation of fluids has become an important element in many applications, such as movies and computer games. These fluid animations are usually created by physically-based fluid simulation. However, the simulation often requires very expensive computational cost for creating realistic fluid animations. Therefore, when the user tries to(More)
We propose a simple and efficient data-driven method for synthesizing high-resolution 3D animations of fire from low-resolution fluid simulations. Our method is based on grid-based fluid simulation. The key concept behind our method is to use a precomputed database of high-resolution velocity fields in order to produce small-scale details that are lost in(More)
Physically based fluid simulations usually require expensive computation cost for creating realistic animations. We present a technique that allows the user to create various fluid animations from an input fluid animation sequence, without the need for repeatedly performing simulations. Our system allows the user to deform the flow field in order to edit(More)
The visual simulation of fluids has become an important element in many applications, such as movies and computer games. In these applications, large-scale fluid scenes, such as fire in a village, are often simulated by repeatedly rendering multiple small-scale fluid flows. In these cases, animators are requested to generate many variations of a small-scale(More)
The metal detection mobile robot has got to the summit of the utilized methods in landmines and unexploded ordnance detection techniques, while it is used in other applications like archeology, treasure and mines prospection and underground metallic services search in different scales. This paper uses a path planning, without supervisor robot at three(More)
The computational cost for creating realistic fluid animations by simulation is generally very expensive. In digital production environment, existing precomputed fluid animations are often reused for different scenes in order to reduce the cost for creating scenes containing fluids. However, applying same animations to different scenes produces unacceptable(More)
In this paper, we develop a method for synthesizing desired flow fields by combining existing multiple flow fields. Our system allows the user to specify arbitrary regions of the precomputed flow fields and combine them to synthesize a new flow field. In order to maintain plausible physical behavior, we ensure the incompressibility for the combined flow(More)