Syuhei Noda

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Flupentixol (FLX) has been used as a neuroleptic for nearly 4 decades. In vitro data show comparable affinity to dopamine D2, D1 and 5-HT2A receptors and recently, FLX showed to be not inferior to risperidone in schizophrenic patients with predominant negative symptomatology, which was implicated with flupentixol’s interaction with 5-HT2A and/or D1(More)
The in vitro radiation sensitivities of peripheral blood lymphocytes obtained from 48 normal females and 168 female cancer patients were measured with the cytokinesis-blocking micronucleus assay. Cancer patients group had significantly higher mean baseline micronucleus frequency than normal healthy controls. Breast cancer patients were more radiosensitive(More)
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