Syuhei Kurokawa

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This research presents a camera-based measurement system which is developed to improve the safety and reliability for gear profile measurement system. Gear profile measurement is vital in precision engineering. To increase the safety and reliability of the precision measurement, application of camera or vision is very useful. Automatic control is also(More)
This paper presents the developed software configurations and control strategy of 3D measurement probe during measurement of gear profile. The total system consists of a web camera, 3D probe, work piece holder and integrated computer system through which complete control is performed. It mainly highlights the developed software features and discusses the(More)
SUMMARY Two practical protective tools for occupational exposure for neurointerventional radiologists are presented. The first purpose of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of double focus spectacles for the aged with a highly refracted glass lens (special spectacles for the aged) for radiation protection of the crystalline lens of the eye in(More)
SUMMARY We report 5 cases of dural AVMs, in which MRA images were considered very useful for evaluating the effectiveness of treatments, such as transvenous embolization therapy. MRA by time of flight method (TOF) with contrast medium for dural AVMs involving the cavernous sinus (dural CCFs) is necessary to assess the caliber of superior ophthalmic veins(More)
the variations of the electrical resistance due the increase of the contact area between tool-work and workpice. In this experiment, different milling conditions are presented such as indexable inserts with a variation of tools wear, chip breaker and water-soluble cutting fluid which has not been evaluated until now. Thus, the objective of this research is(More)
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